Magpie Counseling, PLLC - NH

I am a mental health counseling practice. I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I specialize in co-occurring disorders as well as perinatal care, personality disorders, and trauma. I have committed my practice to working with some of the post vulnerable populations. I have spent the majority of my professional time working with underserved populations and ensuring that they have access to quality care.

In starting my practice, I not only wanted to ensure that my services were accessible but also ensuring that many people could. I insisted on not only accepting insurance but also accepting Medicaid benefits. I work with vulnerable populations and wanted to ensure that those who need to services the most can access these. This was something that was extremely important to me in my work. While so many counselors/therapists are no longer accepting insurances and focusing on a cash only model, I didn’t want this. I wanted to ensure that even those economically challenged could still access counseling services. It is these populations that often need the services the most. These are often the populations that are impacted by economic disparities that lead to increased risk of mental health concerns.

I currently provide telehealth services which increases the accessibility of care for those who do not have the means to get to quality care due to factors such as limited transportation options. I also remain committed to providing weekend and evening hours so that someone is able to access care outside the traditional work hours.

Continuing to provide quality care to members for the community is vital to my mission. I will continue to provide the care that the community needs to break some of the cycles.
Magpie Counseling, PLLC