Sweeps Winner

Mane Rhodes Soap and Wellness - DC

We are a social enterprise business. Bringing visibility to mental health disorders to interrupt episodes that can lead to violence. I am the Founder, a woman living and managing Bipolar Depression and PTSD. I decided to share my journey to inspire and motivate others that suffer with mental health. I reside in SE Washington DC where the slang is an order to kill. To kill figuratively and literally. The phrase “ Kill Moe “ is echoed across the city like a normal salutation. I took action. Soap making was a necessity for my son who suffers with eczema and boils. I formulated soap and hygiene products to offer him comfort and relief. It elevated to comfort and peace allowing me to manage tough negative emotional trigger's. As a violence interruptor in my community I desired to do more.
I started at local Farmer’s Markets, elevated to craft shows and incubators in local retail stores with my Ruminate Much Collection. Like Racing Thoughts, Bee Kind, Live Moe and my top seller B!$%H Get Up.
I currently have an e-commerce site and have scaled to manufacturing.
I’ve had to pivot due to our current economy. Funding my business has been one of my biggest barriers, the second would be the hurry up and rush Technical Assistance and Business Accelerators Program. We don’t know what we don’t know. I’ve adjusted in these last 2 years of not having a brick and mortar due to lack of funding and novice experience and opportunity in commercial leasing in Washington, DC. I have secured 2 seasonal locations at local Farmer’s Markets. I have partnered with local retailers who allow me to sell my goods in their stores. I am now growing my e-commerce site after months of small business trainings. I am a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) that allows me to compete for District Government Procurement opportunities.
I’ve added an experiential piece to my business by offering soap making classes for fun and education. Implementing Trigger Action Plans and Daily Maintenance Plans in the lesson plan while making soap.
There have been many days I wanted to quit and throw in the towel. From signing a commercial lease with a slum lord who refuse to keep his property properly permitted, to literally having to walk my craft show materials and products up & down 5 flights of stairs because the 4 elevators in my building don’t work, to having to load and unload my car after every event due to my vehicle being broken into in my paid garage. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart.
What keeps me going is the thought of someone, somewhere suffering with mental health and believing there are the only one or are along.
I am the evidence that we do recover. Not just surviving but thriving. No longer vomiting my emotions on others. Empowering others to manage their triggers for a safer world for us all. It is okay not to be okay. We can heal.
Mane Rhodes Soap and Wellness