Jamie Godwin Photography - MI

I have been taking pictures since I was a teenager, but just before the pandemic hit, I decided to turn that passion for photography into a business to allow me the freedom to spend time with my only child who was 5 at the time. I loved volunteering in her class at school and being able to assist on field trips, so I knew from my experience of owning a small business that this would be the best option for our family. And then COVID took over the world.

Although this put a damper on all small businesses' progress, many photographers - including myself - rolled with the punches and adjusted. Instead of relying on indoor, in-studio photo sessions, my clients and I would do outdoor sessions to keep each other safer and still be able to document those beautiful family moments that are so fleeting.

In the past several months, so many of us have been hit by the economy and rising prices. Families have to adjust budgets and may have had to nix "luxury" things like family photo sessions so they can pay their rent. It has truly affected me, and I am now taking on side gigs when I can find them - doing food and grocery delivery, website updating for other companies, and even painting rental houses. I do this so I can keep my business bills paid (like studio rent and utilities) because I am holding out hope that things will be turning around soon for those of us in the "luxury" service industries.

I believe in my business! I have seen the joy that my photos bring to people. Clients have become friends. I have been there for some of them through tough times. I have lifted them up when they needed someone to believe in them. I feel like that aspect is what keeps me thoroughly invested in my business - hopefully making a positive impact on another person in some way, whether it is being there, hyping them up when they may not be confident in front of a camera, capturing images of a baby who has passed away and giving those parents the gift of precious photographic moments, or documenting those stages of growing kids.

I want to continue serving my community this way, and a gift like this could make a huge difference in being able to do that. I know that a photography business may not be seen as making a life-changing impact on the world, but I hope that it brings smiles to those who need it the most, WHEN they need it.
Jamie Godwin Photography