Briscoeskitchenandspice LLC - NY

While inflation has had an impact on the Briscoeskitchenandspice business, I have not let that deter us from doing what I do best, making food with heart and soul. Since catering is in slow season, I have been focusing on my social media engagement by making "How To" video content so that clients and followers can try recipes at home. After four years of originating content, and gaining a great following, I am now able to monetize my content which helps with keeping my dream and passion afloat. I have also created a storefront on Amazon and TikTok in order to promote products I use and receive commission. My community roots for me. Anytime I'm walking to the grocery store or going for a bike ride I run into neighbors or people from the larger part of the Flatbush neighborhood, they recognize me from the internet and tell me to never give up and to keep making videos because when they make my recipes at home they feel like I'm standing right next to them in their kitchen. Money is very important for any business to run but food is a not only a necessity but a substance that brings love and people together. So whether it's a big catering order or not, encouraging people to use that space in the center of the home known as the kitchen, isn't a punishment but an encouragement to explore new horizons and stepping into a feeling journey that can unlock new passions and creativity; not to mention you may get a great meal out of it and if you don't the first time, you'll do like you do anything else, try again and again. Practice may not always mean perfect but it can lead to great skill and a great meal.
Briscoeskitchenandspice LLC