Trailer Lane Campground - CA

After losing our two cafes in Southern California to the prolonged pandemic shutdowns of the office buildings in which they were located, we were forced to pivot and reinvent ourselves - at ages 49 and 51. While traveling to Denver to visit our first granddaughter for the first time, we observed how crowded the RV parks and campgrounds that we were staying in were, so we took a leap of faith and bought an old run-down RV park in a tiny rural town, 12 hours away from all of our friends and family, in a part of the state we had only ever passed through.
The RV park would provide us with a place to live and a place to work, and it was a business we could run on our own - just the two of us. We wouldn't have to worry about labor shortages or supply chain issues. And we could set it up to be "contactless" if the pandemic persisted, or got worse.
As soon as we found the park and put in an offer, we started attending trade shows and conferences to learn as much as we could about a brand new industry. We learned about the latest trends in the outdoor hospitality industry, and that "glamping" was the way of the future. The fastest growing segment in RV ownership were the Millennials, and their tastes and their needs are very different from the retirees who have traditionally been the target market.
So by the time we closed escrow and moved into our new job, we already had big plans for how we were going to bring this dusty old 1960's era RV park into a post-pandemic market catering to Instagram influencers, young Millennial families, and "Work from Anywhere" professionals.
We put in Starlink Internet so they can work and stream from their campsite, added glamping tents and vintage trailers as nightly rentals, built a website that makes booking online easy from laptop, tablet or cell phone, built sport courts for bocce and bag toss, and even added a little "homestead" where guests can harvest herbs, veggies, apples and blackberries, pet the goats, feed the chickens, and buy fresh eggs. After 2 years, our annual revenue has more than quadrupled. And we're just getting started.
Trailer Lane Campground