Veteran Fulfillment - CA

My business directly impacts the local veteran community by providing assistance regarding food, housing, job placement, and guidance within the VA system. This cause is especially dear to my heart as I myself am a veteran and know how difficult it can be to return from deployment. I've seen my fellow veterans be failed and intend to be the one who fills the gap. As a serial entrepreneur and peer of the community to be served, I am confident I am the person for this special job.

Our veterans have given us so much through their selfless service, including the ability to live in a secure country and have the confidence to know we can go about our daily lives without fear as our military men are fighting on our behalf. They help us, and when these men and women come home, they need our help in return. Many veterans lacking health insurance and other forms of assistance die waiting for care or commit suicide-it, unfortunately, isn’t an uncommon story. Even veterans with insurance report that they feel the average American’s insurance is far better than their insurance.

The organization currently offers the following:
assistance navigating the VA system
assistance filing claims
financial resources
housing resources
job placement
a resource to answer questions and find needed help

We persevered through the hardships of COVID, which struck not long after the start of our business, by procuring grant awards and other funding. We used this time to learn, plan, and prepare for a successful business launch.
Veteran Fulfillment