Ju Kleans Kicks LLC, dba Kicks Klinic - VA

My business Kicks Klinic has adjusted to the current economy by staying consistent. We’re consistent in showing our target market that our high level services are needed in their life. Our perseverance comes into play via our unwavering promotion. We’re always promoting our brand and services via online marketing and physical in person marketing. Our creativity comes into play via our content creation. We use captivating video shots showing dramatic before and afters, catchy beats, and unique voice overs that consist of hooks, punch lines, and rhymes that grab our viewers attention every time. The passion we bring to our business comes from our humble beginnings, and we want and strive to provide all our customers with the best experience possible. This is done by paying attention to the details and going above and beyond to put out the best results possible. Our business services play a major impact on others and the community by promoting sustainable and affordable options in regards to protecting their footwear and accessories. At the same time as our prices are affordable we’re also saving the community money, because they don't have to spend a lot of my money to buy new shoes when they can get their dirty ones renewed at Kicks Klinic. Lastly we do quarterly sneaker donations to the local youth in need. Many youth cannot afford new sneakers & dont have clean options to wear. This matters and affects their self esteem or shoe esteem. When we provide a fresh pair for them, it goes a long way! They’re able to feel a sense of pride & can move with confidence throughout their day.
Ju Kleans Kicks LLC, dba Kicks Klinic