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Aerial Clothing SRQ - FL

In 2010 I began Aerial Clothing SRQ as a women’s knitwear clothing line that featured unique shapes that are easy to move-in and flattering to most body types. My garments are limited edition and one of a kind - they give the wearer a sense of their authentic self and allows them to express that authenticity simply by getting dressed. I am passionate in the belief that fashion should make you feel joyful and comfortable in your own skin.

Through the years I’ve tried several avenues of exposure - wholesale and consignment to specialty boutiques and directly to consumers via pop up markets. I opened a brick and mortar in 2017 that housed both my design operation and a retail space. My business was slowly but surely growing and then the pandemic shut the country down. I was forced to shutter my storefront and reassess. At that point I was unsure how or even if to proceed.

When several past clients found me online and were begging for more of my designs, I knew Aerial had legs. I delved back into the different avenues of sales that had worked in the past - contacting stores that previously sold my products and attending large wholesale markets - thinking this was the easiest way to provide the supply. When these had little effect, I again redirected my energy.

Since Fall of 2023 I have been arranging trunk shows with my clients at their homes, in leased venues and at exclusive boutiques. This strategy has been wonderfully successful to showcase my ever-evolving collection and provide clients with a concierge experience that focuses on them and the way they want to look and feel. I use social media and point of purchase marketing to engage and excite returning customers and grow my following. I find that without fail these people bring a new face or five to the next event.

I create new styles and products monthly so that each time I encounter my clients they have the opportunity to purchase something new. My design process utilizes the “scraps” or leftover fabric for one of kind textiles that translate into one of kind garments. I aim for a zero-waste design and production process. Manufacturing these products on a small-scale resulted in less distressed goods.

As my trunk show business model has evolved, I have recruited other women designers to participate in the shows thereby giving them exposure to reach more customers on these personalized terms. This symbiotic relationship connects these designers with my customer base and vice versa. My goal is to take this business model beyond my immediate location - collaborating with women designers around the country and around the world to offer unique shopping experiences to consumers who want quality and diversity in their clothing and accessories.

I believe this is the future of shopping for many - a specialized and intimate setting that provides products that are designed and made by hand. Exclusive goods for discriminating tastes.
Aerial Clothing SRQ