My children fueled my inspiration in wanting to become an entrepreneur. I have a vibrant, intelligent, funny, beautiful five-year-old daughter who is Autistic Non-verbal and an inquisitive, loving, handsome four-year-old son. I have always relied on being an employee to provide for them. However, as many individuals were losing their streams of income due to the pandemic, I decided to fast track an idea to a reality. I decided that I wanted to start my business in a field that I was currently in. Generational wealth for my family in addition to wanting to create a platform for my community that provides financial planning and education are some of my goals. I have been in my field for quite some time now. The difference is, now I wanted to be able to control my time and implement my dream. Being present, being available, being mom. I have been a resident in this community for a very long time and what I have witnessed was one of the pivotal variables to why I established my company, Fleur Tax Prep Services LLC. I have noticed while speaking to my community that not many people understand taxes, tax preparation, business formation, and the benefits to tax planning.

We offer a range of services to help individuals and small businesses with their tax obligations and planning. Some of the core services include tax preparation, tax filing, consulting, and representation. We can prepare and review tax returns for various types of entities, such as individuals and small businesses. We can file electronically or by mail, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations. We can also monitor the status of tax refunds and payments and communicate with tax authorities on behalf of our clients. We provide tax advice and guidance to our clients on various topics, such as tax planning, tax strategy, tax optimization, tax incentives, tax credits and tax deductions. We can also represent our clients in case of a tax dispute or controversy with the IRS or other tax authorities. We have the capabilities and competencies to handle complex tax situations. We have the knowledge and experience to deal with different tax jurisdictions and regulations. We also have the skills and tools to analyze and evaluate the tax consequences of various scenarios and alternatives. As a Small Tax Preparation Firm, we have the advantage of providing personalized attention, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to our clients. We tailor services to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. We can also adapt to changing circumstances and requirements and we can offer competitive fees and rates, as well as value-added services and benefits. I am very proud of business withholding amongst the giants like H&R Block and Turbo Tax whom I’ve worked for in the past.
We are only looking upward from here despite the fluctuations in the current economy.