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Busy Bodies Playhouse - GA

My name is Basha Williams,
I am the owner of Busy Bodies Playhouse Preschool.
In 2020, amidst the global turmoil, I encountered one of the most challenging periods of my life. My childcare center in California, a labor of love and dedication, was lost to the economic downturn. Amidst this upheaval, pregnant and seeking a fresh start, my family relocated to Georgia, driven by the promise of new opportunities. There, with resilience at the core of my actions, I embarked on a journey to rebuild from the ashes. I started a modest childcare service from my home, a dual-purpose venture aimed at nurturing my newborn while contributing to our household income.
The road to recovery was fraught with obstacles, including battling COVID-19 twice, which necessitated temporary closures of our budding enterprise. Despite these setbacks, my determination never wavered. Recognizing the acute need for childcare in our new community—a place sorely lacking in such essential services—I forged a partnership with a local church. This collaboration allowed us to utilize their facilities, expanding our capacity to welcome more children into our care.
Our small but mighty childcare now serves as an oasis in what was once a childcare desert, catering to 12 preschool-aged children in a specially adapted space within the church. Yet, the demand far exceeds our current capabilities, particularly for infant and young toddler care—a critical need that remains unmet due to our current infrastructure limitations.
Currently our facility needs additional back doors added in certain classrooms, which is restricting our ability to accommodate the demand for infant care. This grant opportunity presents a vital lifeline for our business and the families we serve. With the support provided, we aim to address this critical need by installing the necessary doors and enhancing our facility, particularly our infant playground equipment.
The impact of this grant extends far beyond our immediate business needs. By alleviating the childcare shortage in our community, we enable parents to re-enter the workforce, driving economic revitalization and stability. Moreover, our ability to offer quality childcare services positively impacts the lives of numerous families, providing a nurturing environment for children's development while offering peace of mind to working parents.
Our endeavor is more than a business; it's a mission fueled by passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of families. With two exceptional educators by my side, we pour our hearts into this work every day, aspiring to alleviate the childcare scarcity in our town. This grant represents an opportunity to broaden our impact, touching more lives and sowing the seeds of hope and opportunity within our community.
Busy Bodies Playhouse