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Knowledge Explorers Preschool - UT

In June 2010, a neighbor contacted me about taking over her basement preschool due to moving. She gave me her contact list and a few other items that provided a base to build what Knowledge Explorers Preschool (KEP) is today. My sister and I, as co-founders, worked from our respective strengths and some anxiousness with a desire to benefit our community in even some small way. With a blend of what some call coincidences, we have felt are more a lining up of inspirational parts. We have weathered a pandemic and unique issues with the economy. We have stayed true to our founding and these things make the difference.

What started as a space in my home has now grown into two more locations in Eagle Mountain (including co-founder Paula Beck’s home) and a location in the neighboring community of Saratoga Springs. Filling to our capacity as allowed by city ordinances (12 in EM and 10 in SS) each year is done largely through word-of-mouth in our communities as well as by using social media. We have joined the Chamber of Commerce knowing the value of networking and connections. We conduct two classes on Monday/Wednesday and two on Tuesday/Thursday with a single class on Friday at the previously named locations, all with two teachers at each.

When we had children in Kindergarten, we heard their teacher, a respected and successful educator, say how unprepared students were year after year. Helping each explorer be ready for Kindergarten will always be the primary motivator. In addition to a successful program that serves individual learners, we serve our community. We have filled each year, even when the economy can be tricky because families see, hear, and feel the value of KEP.

COVID was tricky. We shared videos of us reading, going over the material with little explorers, and generally doing what we could to be present. As a testament to our commitment, several parents paid for the month of April 2020 which allowed us to pay our teachers a little something even as we were isolated from one another. In addition to our school-year program we also do Kids Camps in the summer, several fun activity-filled days that have a variety of themes. These camps have grown in popularity and position KEP as a modified year-round program.

Passion is contagious. We deliver on our promise so parents deliver through repeat business and promoting our program to others. While not without challenges and moments where we wonder why we do it, we provide a great program for a variety of our youngest learners. Our reality is fueled by our perseverance and creativity. Our reality has also outpaced the dream to make a difference. We gratefully and as wisely as we can reinvest our dollars, time, and effort on building a stronger program. We also look ahead to smart expansion, always mindful of our program. Without that integrity and commitment, Knowledge Explorers Preschool would never have grown beyond a single class.
Knowledge Explorers Preschool