Oak Leaf Comics and Collectibles - IA

We are a comic book, toy, game, doll, sports collectibles, plushy store. We survive because we care. We do promote reading events throughout the year. Our big one is always the first Saturday in May. It’s called free comic book day. We have been doing this for decades. We give away comic books to promote reading. we bring in guest artist, we put inflatables on the street for kids to play on, we giveaway comic books. We have store specials. And we have cosplayers come in dressed as their favorite comic characters for photo ops for anybody. My passion is reading. I believe people don’t read enough. This is why I do this. I have given away 80,000 comic books maybe now. We do local children’s events and set up with a table and put comic books out there for the kids to take free. We do national night out, and a local kids group does inflatable fun days. we do that there also. We, as owners, sometimes have to forgo a paycheck to keep the store open. During Covid and 2020 I did not take a paycheck the entire year. You do what you have to do to survive. our employees come first. I am officially retired, but I’m still in the store doing something five days a week sometimes six. This is what I love doing we sell happiness. We do shows and conventions and comic cons, and we set up with all of our comics and toys and games and plush. One of the best things at the shows is when somebody comes running up to our booth cause they see our plushies waving their arms in the air going AAAAAAAH! Children of all ages finding something they can take home and treasure. There is not a better job in the world than that.
Oak Leaf Comics and Collectibles