JD’s Arms and Munitions - NY

It is tough in an economy that has government policies that are not in line with the business model of selling firearms and ammunition to law abiding citizens. The main problem that I’ve encountered is that the government does not seem to want citizens to have access to their second amendment rights. In the current economy, I have also faced difficulties with attempting to process credit card transactions because there are far more numerous companies that deny the transactions than there are companies that will deal with a firearms and ammunition business. The items that I sell can have purchase points of at least four to five hundred dollars all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars. Due to the economic situation that many Americans are facing with inflation rising and the lack of available spending resources brought on by the rising gas and grocery prices, people are often not as free with their extra spending power to pay for larger ticket items such as are found in the shooting sports arena. I have found a credit card processing business that does not charge an enormous amount of money to provide the option of using credit cards at my business but is it only a matter of time before they decide to follow suit and stop doing business with me and my industry? The next biggest issue that I have been facing is the availability of advertising platforms. The biggest social media platforms are staunch supporters of the anti-firearms side of things that they are tending to remove advertisements for a federally regulated industry. I am such a small business that I cannot afford to advertise my business and products in conventional advertising manners due to their exorbitant costs. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity to share my story.
JD’s Arms and Munitions