3rd Place Prize: $20,000 cash

Brewability Lab, LLC DBA Brewability
Brewability is a unique restaurant specifically created to help individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) obtain meaningful employment. Brewability was started by a former special education teacher who saw the immense need for meaningful jobs for the I/DD community. Brewability employees with disabilities assist in every aspect of the business – from dishwashers, chefs and food servers to bartenders.
Brewability’s goal is to show the world that people with I/DD are valuable employees that are capable of more than just bagging groceries or being employed in custodial roles.
Brewability does not only employ adults with disabilities but is a safe haven for the I/DD community. We ensure our space is accessible for anyone using a wheelchair or any other mobility devices. We also offer accessible silverware to help the I/DD and aging communities. We have everything from dining scarves to protect the diner’s clothes while eating to weighted silverware that assist individuals with tremors from neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease.
We ensure our space is sensory friendly by playing our music at a lower volume and providing headphones and fidgets for individuals with autism or other sensory issues that may feel overwhelmed by a typical restaurant environment. Many families who have children with I/DD are only able to dine out at Brewability due to the unique accommodations we have in place for our guests. We are immensely proud to be a safe haven for everyone – whether they walk or roll through our doors.
We envision a world where everyone in our community thrives. We donate a percentage of our sales to over 100 non-profit organizations. They include disability nonprofits such as Chelsea Hutchison Foundation that helps to get life saving seizure detection devices to people with Epilepsy to the Maddie Wright Foundation, educating youth on the dangers of Fentanyl and providing Narcan training to help stop the epidemic of teens and young adults dying from Fentanyl overdose.
We have seen a decrease in sales by 62.5% compared to this time last year due to the changing economy. We have adjusted by making sure there are affordable options on our food and beverage menu, including slices of pizza and half pints of beer. Our daily events are unique compared to other restaurants and bring in a wider and diverse customer base. We host events such as Opera on Tap, a group of classically trained Opera Singers who perform in spaces outside the opera house so everyone can enjoy the music. Other events include stand up comedy, karaoke, wrestling, trivia nights, Bingo and a wide variety of musicians and styles. Brewability is more than just a restaurant, it is a community where everyone belongs. When you come into Brewability you are not only going to enjoy great beer and pizza but are joining a family!