Runners-Up: $5,000

Tempura Takeover
Tempura Takeover is an asian-fusion food truck. We specialize in Korean and Japanese inspired street food. We are known for our top tier service, unique creations and bold flavors.

I started Tempura Takeover in a 10x10 pop up tent in 2018 after resigning from LifeLock as an alerts analyst. No help, no loans, no capital, nothing but my vision and a 9-5 paycheck. Eager to pursue my passion for cooking, I decided to go ALL IN and bet on myself. After doing my homework; I purchased everything needed (piece by piece) and the rest was history. Now I am on a mission to build an empire that demonstrates love, purpose, passion and strong community.

My very FIRST service to the public was at the PHX NIGHT MARKET with over 9K ppl in attendance. That was a make or break moment for me - but at the end of that 2 day event, I knew I was built for this. I also became a food vendor at the FARMERS MARKET for a few seasons. Shortly thereafter, I moved into a kitchen stall inside a Mobil gas station where I operated for 10 months - then COVID happened (lockdown etc…) caught me and the rest of the world off guard but, I am thankful for that time of uncertainty because I found new strength that taught me the art of pivoting. I learned to put my pride aside and pick my chin up. Once the local and government restrictions were lifted, I lost access to the kitchen because the owner sold the gas station. It felt like storm after storm. I had to start over, back serving out the tent, despite the 110 degree temps in AZ , I refuse to quit. My customers need me but I need them more! Their continuous support and amazing energy is what keeps me going.

These past few years, I’ve learned so much about myself and how to overcome the different obstacles that come with being a business owner. I consider myself a perpetual student of life, always seeking to learn and grow. Every experience, success, and failure serves as a valuable lesson that pushes me forward. So far, the journey has been incredible. From the tent, to gas station, to now, a FOOD TRAILER!

Tempura Takeover is helping high school students through sponsorship with school supplies and meals. We also help raise awareness for charities that focus on the ill and less-fortunate. When we donate our time and food, we are contributing to the solution with a goal to see those in need thrive. In 2022 we served over 250 sample dishes for the JoyBus foundation, a non-profit organization that provides chef-inspired meals to home-bound cancer patients. Our community involvement had made a positive impact for change and growth.

My business is a reflection of my heart and soul. I will always give it my all from start to finish. Safe to say, Tempura Takeover is here to stay.