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Back in 2015, my business partner at the time and I wrote an article for a large black wellness website, hitting over a million views within 72 hours. I couldn't have imagined the impact that Black Girl Curls, a digital media company, would have over an entire beauty ecosystem. Black Girl Curls arrived on the natural hair scene at a time when the natural hair consumer was desperately craving information that would help them with their natural hair.

Within a few months, we ran two rounds of a free 30-day email hair challenge that eventually turned into a paid course within 6 months. Black Girl Curls was the very first group of licensed hair stylists to commodify hair information in a sea of influencers marketing product tutorials and reviews on YouTube. From 2016 up until the summer of 2023, we have grown our consumer audience at (consumer-focused community) and (professional education for licensed professionals).

I have been at the helm of Black Girl Curls that has now ventured into the retail space since 2016. In the last 24 months, our CEO has survived layoffs, copious admin, a serious ankle injury coupled with a very public (but amicable) split. We have trimmed the fat where needed and came up with revenue generating ideas. Through deep research, we've seen a huge shift in our digital education offerings and have needed to come up with a tangible, physical product to sell to our audience base.

In December of 2023, our tiny team of two, CEO + Brand Manager, came up with an idea to source a detangler brush to introduce to our loyal community of natural hair consumers. Within 3 weeks, our CEO found an incredible brush that exceeded our team's expectations. On January 10th, we launched a pre-sale of our Thique Curl Detangler resulting in over $11K in revenue within 4 short days. Our consumer community is quite pleased to have a viable detangler brush option that suits that hair care needs.

Black Girl Curls has been a very critical player in the natural hair space. We have given our community the self confidence that they’ve never known they possessed. We have educated them on how to properly use hair products available on the market, while also helping them to show up in the world as their most confident selves.

We have shifted the trajectory of the natural hair industry while not only influencing the consumer but the entire marketplace. We have proven time and time again that natural hair is for whoever wants to wear it. We have empowered so many women around the world who have also been a huge influence in their families, friend groups and various social circles.

This past week we hosted a group of women from our community to join us for a sacred Brunch. One of our attendees was so overcome with emotion to be in space that affirmed and celebrated the beauty of hair that is often ignored, siloed or misrepresented.
Black Girl Curls