Maggie Mae’s Grab n Go - ME

We opened our business 2 months before the pandemic. At the onset of the pandemic we partnered with an organization, cooking for community, that supplied food to us to make meals for the food insecure in our area. We made 100-150 meals per week for a year and a half. The $5 per meal they paid us was enough to pay our rent during that time.

We work with local farms and use their food in our meals. We provide food that is healthy and fresh. Mage on site with the best ingredients. We lean into the vegan vegetarian space as we found that there are many people navigating food preferences. Dairy Free. Gluten free. Vegan. Vegetarian.

We have a broad customer base. Young professional to young families to older folks. Even with the best planning, it’s easy for someone’s day to go sideways and we make it easy to pick up dinner. No preordering necessary. We have a broad assortment of dinners sides and salads - and desserts. We make our own cookies and brownies and partner with other local women owned business and provide their baked goods as well. We recognize that in all things it takes a village. Running a business and helping to amplify and raise others is important.

We provide catering for birthdays, bridal events, celebrations of life, corporate meetings and lunches.

Given that our first two years were spent navigating around the pandemic, we have had to be creative about letting people know who we are and what we do. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been a constant struggle of staying flexible and pivoting sometimes almost every day. We are forever looking for new ways to let folks know what we do and where we are.

We became a pick up location for five local farms who have CSA programs as a way to bring customers to us. Our food packaging is 95% compostable. This costs more money but remains important to us and our customers.

We offer online ordering as another way to make it convenient. Though most of our product is made to grab n go, we do offer dine in as well.

We remain humbled and proud that our food is given as gifts allot. Whether it’s a new mother, a family with a hospitalized loved one, a death in the family or if someone is diagnosed with an illness and just needs nourishment, folks think of us and our food is sent with care.

I do know that anyone in business is working hard to navigate the challenges of staying afloat. Everyday, all day. It’s no different for me. There’s never enough time or money. I would be so grateful if you would see our mission to provide good food to those who need it, when they need in this time of this tight economy as worthy to be considered for prize money.

Grateful for consideration.
Maggie Mae’s Grab n Go