OnPluto - NJ

Hello, my name is Jorge and I like to think of my company the epitome of small business. These past few months to a year has been very difficult for me, being new, to owning and creating, this business has been an uphill battle. No one tells you everything you do as a business owner requires your blood sweat and tears, with everything going up and prices skyrocketing things have been at a snails pace. I created OnPluto to eventually be the economic backbone to the homeless shelter that I want to build in my city, I’m learning as I go, and maybe I’m trying to do too much at once, but I refuse to let it discourage me from reaching my goal of being able to help the homeless people in my town here in Sicklerville New Jersey . I have so many things going on in my life, and I understand that running a business requires a lot more of my time and a lot more money than what I can afford at the moment, I am currently working two jobs and looking for a third, so that I can have a little extra money to put into growing my business . I always say everything happens for a reason and running across this contest, may help me fulfill my dreams of helping people. My clothing brand OnPluto will be the conduit to reach that goal ! Thank you guys for this great opportunity !!

Keeping everything in prayer and hoping for the best!!