The Vibrary: Wine & Bookbar - GA

At The Vibrary: Wine and Bookbar, we adapt to the current economic climate by hosting more diverse events and collaborating more with others - a practice we have been engaging in since our establishment. Recently, we partnered with a company to sell our wine label online and collaborated with other small businesses to organize herbal tincture and body butter-making classes. We strongly believe that diversity strengthens our community and are proud to be a minority-owned and woman-owned business. Our space is much needed, and we think that providing a quiet and calming environment can help people decompress from everyday stressors and improve their mood. We feature candles from small businesses and actively seek partnerships with small vineyards. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity goes beyond the products we offer - I personally participate in local community boards, like a fresh food market I am a founding board member of since the area of my business is technically a food desert, and we prioritize supporting other like-minded businesses. Through our collaborations with other companies, we can create a strong community that celebrates differences and amplifies underrepresented voices. We regularly organize and host events that promote diversity and cultural awareness, and we are always open to new and innovative partnership ideas. Although we initially intended to donate a portion of our proceeds to an existing scholarship program that benefits a school in the area, our current financial situation has prevented us from doing so. Nevertheless, we remain committed to building a more inclusive world through our work.
The Vibrary: Wine & Bookbar