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Local communities benefit greatly from the arts and culture by creating jobs and boosting local economies through consumer spending. A study from The New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) titled, “The Jobs in New England’s Creative Economy and Why They Matter,” identified a problem for creative entrepreneurs, stating that “the ability of local artists and creative workers to interact with and offer their products within their communities is fragile and maintaining such markets requires purposeful action.”

It’s no secret that artists and artisans looking to earn an income from selling their art and handcrafted goods often struggle with publicizing their work. They may not have the time or know-how to handle their own marketing and publicity. Additionally, few artists have the resources for hiring outside help to boost awareness about their work.

Artisan Joy is a media outlet that brings visibility to artists and artisans who sell their creations. Artisan Joy’s mission is to amplify the work of creative entrepreneurs, chronicle the positive impact of art and craft on the economy and community, foster connection among creative business owners, and introduce artists and artisans and their goods to consumers.

Artisan Joy carries out this mission by:
• Removing the barriers for artists and artisans to get publicity by being an accessible media
outlet dedicated to telling their stories.
• Driving awareness about the work of creative entrepreneurs by featuring their stories in our
magazine, on and across our social media channels.
• Encouraging consumers to shop small by detailing the hard work and dedication that goes into
producing artworks and artisanal goods.

Here are testimonials from featured artisans:
“I have found that showing the article in Artisan Joy to my clients at my shows has increased my credibility as an artisan and helped my customers understand what I do and why. Thank you again for featuring me!” -Sylvie Farrington, Founder of SylvieBags

"Artisan Joy featured me in a light that I have yet to be seen in, and that light showed the person behind our brand and my "why". Stephanie did a brilliant job interviewing me with thoughtful questions that drew a beautiful story in my feature. I am incredibly grateful for Artisan Joy and the amazing work they are doing to put a spotlight on small, artisan businesses that pour their heart, soul and lives into their art and their businesses." – Laura Beohner, Founder of the Healing Rose.

Artisan Joy is adjusting to the current economy by exploring different ways of raising funds. One pivot was to create location-specific editions of Artisan Joy. By doing so, Artisan Joy can partner with local arts and tourism councils to fund the production of the magazine.
Artisan Joy