Up Close Studios LLS - GA

My business, Up Close Studios, has adjusted to the current economy by providing non-traditional photography services using new techniques and styles. We help individuals and businesses stand out in their market. As the owner, I myself have demonstrated perseverance and determination in launching the business amidst the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.
Building clientele during the pandemic has been a challenge, as a new business that emerged right after COVID-19, we have tirelessly explored various avenues to generate revenue. One significant breakthrough was our partnership with Enchanted Fairies, which has helped us establish a steady stream of income. We prioritize and realize the impact it has to provide fast and professional headshot services and business marketing content so businesses thrive and attain clients. How a business represents itself has a huge impact on the credibly of their services and capabilities to their clients and that is where we shine bright, offering their acceleration. We have adapted to approaching our clients with more modern layouts, flexibility to explore their visions outside the typical traditional photography studio. Our work has changed the lives of many individuals, giving them the perspective that anything is possible, that it is worth exploring in themselves and their businesses. The clientele has been inconsistent since the pandemic but we have also invested more time and research in how to market our business better, evaluated what works, and what doesn't. We have learned what it means to push through and take risks, many of those risks did cost us, we endured many losses by paying out of pocket for rent and utilities of the space to remain in standing, as we believed that one day it would all be worth it.
Up Close Studios LLS