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Bre's Sweet Treats - TX

We have adjusted to our rising economy by offering the same great quality with a smaller portion size. This has allowed us to keep our prices within fair market value. During the summer months we change our packaging to maintain the look of our product. The summers are very hot here in Texas, and we must be creative so that our product looks appealing. As you know, we eat with our eyes first! Cakes have a huge impact on people and events. Creating custom cakes for weddings, first birthday parties, graduation and mile stone celebrations will always be held close in the hearts of my clients. My cakes bring joy to so many. I love to see a big smile on the face of a ten year old birthday girl, who placed an order for a custom Tiktok cake or a young boy who ask for a roller skating cake. Creating custom cakes, brings endless joy to my clients and myself. I take so much pride in being able to make people smile. My community has excepted me with open arms and lots of love. I'm a vendor at two farmers markets in my area. This year, I was ask to speak with our city council . The Mayor ask me, "how has the market helped your business"? My business has been able to grow due to heavy foot traffic at the market and repeat customers. I have also, been able to grow my social media presence and client base by providing great customer service, a premium product and building friendships with members of my local community . I'm also able to purchase fresh locally sourced produce for my cakes directly from farmers and jam makers in my area. When it comes to creating custom cake flavors, I pride myself on providing unique flavors that you will not find in your local grocery store. I'm always looking for new ways to wow my clients with creative cakes, be it a blooming cake, a heart shaped cake with their photo on the cake, a naked wedding cake or a levitating dinosaur cake just to name a few. Thank you for your time and remember to be sweet.
Bre's Sweet Treats