Sweeps Winner


BIPOCALYPSE is a recurring stand-up comedy show held in Los Angeles. Our show serves as a showcase and workshop for BIPOC comedians, providing a great opportunity for them to test new material. It's also a chance for young executives in the entertainment industry to see and hear from the diverse talent that we spotlight. On a more human level, our show is shifting the culture of comedy by providing an inclusive space for the local BIPOC community to enjoy comedy that is joy-filled and centered around the lived experiences of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. We've been successful in making an impact by uplifting diverse voices and upholding the craft of comedy, by providing individuals with a stage, spotlight, microphone, and a captive audience. We also partner with philanthropies making an impact in our community as well as BIPOC-run businesses and venues, elevating their platforms and stories by giving them a space on ours. Our ultimate goal is to bring people, cultures, and ideas together to contribute to a more vibrant future.

Starting a business during the pandemic was challenging, so we had to think on our feet and do a lot of research to make BIPOCALYPSE a reality. To save on funds, we've utilized our community connections, calling in favors whenever we can to get a deal on venues and equipment. Most of the funds we earn from one show go into paying for the next, which means a lot of our production staff is volunteer-based. We're proud of all our sold-out shows and the constant inquiries about our next show, but our proudest accomplishment involves our philanthropy endeavors. BIPOCALYPSE values allyship and showing up for the needs of our BIPOC community on a local and global level. Despite our need for funds, we allocated our profits from our October 14th, 2022 show to the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom. This shows our entire production team's character and the community we've created with our audience members, as we were all willing to come together and support organizations in need.

Our goal is to impact our audience members and community by putting on a show that brings them together in joy and laughter. We want to create an intentional space that gives a voice to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities in comedy, while also providing a networking opportunity with industry professionals. We hope to increase representation by popularizing new narratives devoid of tired tropes and stereotypes. Created in the wake of the pandemic, BIPOCALYPSE was born out of a desire to create a community while also highlighting more accurate diverse representation in media. Our focus is on wellness and community building, and we strive to combine these wants and needs in our local spaces.