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As a parent, seeing our children's experiences can often evoke change and inspiration. Every Saturday I take my son to his soccer game, and most of the time the games are filled with cheering moms and lack male representation. But this one Saturday, the father of my son’s teammate joined the sidelines as a spectator, which ignited a new spark in the little boy that was never shown before. This transformative moment made me realize the impact of a supportive male figure. It became evident that his teammate's dad's presence helped unlock a newfound confidence in the toddler. I felt somewhat bad because I knew my son was desiring that type of support.

This realization fueled my determination to create a business that meets the need and provides families with options to connect with male caregivers. To recreate the magic I witnessed on the soccer field I founded Melanated Manny. A business that connects families to professional and nurturing African American male caregivers.
Melanated Manny is an online platform where families can browse through a diverse pool of experienced, trustworthy caregivers with detailed profiles, reviews, and ratings.

A challenge that I often see is that families that are in need of manny services might not be financially equipped to afford the services, so Melanated Manny is adjusting to the current economy by offering several subscription-based packages that measure up to income-driven prices. For example, families and mannies have the option to select a month to month subscription package which doesn’t require an extended commitment. Members can discontinue the service immediately when they face financial hardship. We also offer a 50% discount on the annual subscription- based package. The purpose of the discount is to reward consumers for their long commitment to the services.

I am driven by passion to make a meaningful impact in society. Approximately 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. I am committed to ensuring that not only my child has a chance to grow up mentally healthy and interact with a positive role model but also millions of other children too.

Males are not typically recognized as caregivers, so with this business I’ve preserved and strategically marketed the service to persuade people to embrace the movement of placing mannies in the homes. Creatively, I’ve partnered with local drop-out prevention organizations such as Young People Positive Action as well as child agencies to share the resource of male support.

A robust body of research proves that family composition in the United States looks very different than it did in previous generations, and among the African-American community 57.6% of black children's biological fathers are absent.

Melanated Manny addresses the disparity within the African-American community by hiring men as caretakers. The home caregiver era is anticipating a boom due to millions of dads who are physically and emotionally absent and the women of color who are now working-class women.
Melanated Manny