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Eco Global Sales Group - FL

Since our beginning in 2012, Eco Global Sales group is an innovative provider of environmentally safe and non-toxic wastewater treatment products, namely Bioremediation. We offer solutions that are effective in large scale projects as well as acute applications using our product - Eco-Tabs.
Our business - Bioremediation - is the application of naturally occurring or deliberately introduced microorganisms (bacteria) in order to degrade problematic organics such as Fats, Oils, Grease & Sludge in a wide range of applications. This biological treatment helps eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals that require costly storage and application methods and unlike traditional methods that simply "move the problem, our approach is to solve it. Our product, Eco-Tabs breaks down the Fats, Oils, Grease & Sludge into the natural occurring elements of H2O, O2 and CO2.
Our success has come from a constant refinement of our product, methodology, and a commitment to excellence. Having experience in a myriad of different environments has allowed us to determine the most cost and time effective way to manage our clients' dollars and provide a solution tailored to their needs.
Eco Global Sales Group has different products tailored to meet our clients' specific needs. Having the ability to target problem areas as individual projects allows us to create a customized solution. Our data collection methods are thorough and accurate, proving the effectiveness of our products. Eco Global Sales Group is committed to providing our client with an environmentally safe product that is also nontoxic for humans. Our product is naturally occurring within the environment and has not been genetically engineered, meaning that no enhanced risks are associated with the manufacturing process.
We believe that we can provide our clients with a less expensive and ultimately easier method to deal with waste issues.
Customers can count on us for a lasting, cost efficient, sustainable solution. We understand our clients demands and unique circumstances. We appreciate that every situation deserves special consideration and we will never provide “one-size-fits-all” answers. We are proud of our expertise, but we have built our business on listening to our customers.
At Eco Global Sales Group we are motivated to save our customers time, money, and peace of mind through the products and services we provide. Our values and culture push us to continually improve, provide consistent quality, and build enduring relationships with our customers, while providing an eco-friendly solutions and commitment to the environment.
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