Sweeps Winner

Good Black Art - NY

Good Black Art has embarked on a mission to democratize access to artwork by emerging Black artists, filling a crucial need in the art market. Despite facing challenges of unstable sales and decreased funding for DEI initiatives, we've devised a solution to not just survive but thrive in this landscape: creating a new market of art enthusiasts who live with art.

We stand as the premier global platform dedicated to showcasing and selling artwork by emerging Black artists, leveraging our online storefront, exhibitions, partnerships, and media platform to empower our community to explore, engage, and acquire artwork from the next generation of Black artists. By strategically positioning ourselves in unexpected yet relevant spaces, we've built partnerships with industry giants like Wayfair and Blavity’s Home & Texture, tapping into the expanding Black and multicultural consumer segments in the home improvement category, which saw a 60% growth in the US in 2022. Additionally, we've recognized the shift in the art market towards multi-channel consumption and the increasing buying power of Black/African American communities, projected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2024.

Our growth strategy focuses on e-commerce, media, and partnerships. With the $60,000 cash prize, we will do the following:

1. Allocate $20,000 to enhance our digital presence through a new website and content management system to reach as many people as possible
2. Invest $20,000 in research and development for innovative products and services that transform the landscape of the arts ecosystem
3. Utilize $20,000 to secure one full-time staff member and hire 2 part-time staff members to accelerate our operational efficiency and scalability

Small business ownership has been a rewarding yet challenging journey, pushing us to innovate, adapt, and persist. Witnessing the transformative impact of our work on both artists and customers, and contributing to cultural preservation and wealth creation through art collecting, fuels our passion.

We eagerly await the opportunity to share more with you about Good Black Art, our community, and our vision for a future where everyone has the opportunity to live with art. Winning the Barclays' Small Business Big Wins contest would validate our efforts and propel us further towards our mission of democratizing access to art.

Thank you for considering us for this prestigious honor.
Good Black Art