Q. Hendree Art Consulting LLC - MO

An artist since five years old; with a terminal degree and educated in Business, Art History, Arts Management and Theology; I have spent decades as an Arts Professional and Marketing and Communications executive and it has always been my passion to connect people with art in the simplest and most accessible way possible. Therefore, I founded Q. Hendree Art Consulting in May 2012 and reestablished it in February 2020. First interrupted by a near fatal injury in 2012 a mere two months after starting my business and again by a worldwide pandemic in 2020 one month after reestablishing that same business, I let neither interruption stop my pursuit. I was and remain committed to the necessity of artwork and its ability to transform, heal and educate not only in my community, city and industry, but in the world as a whole.

My historical community is one where art is largely overlooked as being nonessential and is relegated to the category of the frivolous and elite. This attitude that art is not quantifiably beneficial is overturned by the documented clinical proof that says otherwise. Viewing artwork increases productivity and feelings of wellbeing while simultaneously decreasing stress and boredom. Not to mention, artwork is one of the view things that actually increases in value over time. In the hands of the right people art won't solve every problem, but it will significantly address some. The right artwork is what many don't know that they need or are missing. Its foundational purpose is the core for stronger communities, strengthened Art IQs and aligned experiences.

The uniqueness of my business lies in the circuitous experiences and expertise that I bring to the table as its owner and Principal Art Consultant. This mix of training, background, education, culture and worldview is unheard of, largely absent and woefully underrepresented in the industry, city and community in which I operate. Amazingly, this uniquely targeted niche places Q. Hendree Art Consulting in a position to recognize, assess and solve presenting client problems with a technique and plan that cannot be replicated by competitors, worthy though they may be. I think it is important that my richly niched voice is seen and heard and be a legacy building block for those that will follow. I firmly believe that artwork gloriously transforms because it is necessary, and it is essential! My more than 25 years of experience seamlessly marry together fields, industries and trends while expertly aligning color, subject matter, artist, size and placement to advise the right artwork for the right client for the right space for the right time. For right now!
Q. Hendree Art Consulting LLC