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Deesh Bae Glam Artisrty - MI

Due to covid Deesh Bae Glam Artistry is demonstrating resilience, creativity, and an unwavering passion for our mission to express makeup as art. Understanding the economic challenges due to covid , we've implemented innovative strategies to adapt and thrive. My online presence has been amplified, utilizing social media and digital marketing to connect with my clients virtually and offer virtual makeup consultations and tutorials to my. clients.
To overcome the space constraints, we've creatively optimized our traveling services to the clients home layout for social distancing measures, ensuring comfort of the client because they are in the safety of their own home. I also have my own setup would just need a space for my table. Additionally, we've introduced flexible booking options and promotional packages to cater to varying budgetary needs, making our empowering services accessible to a broader audience. Like one time I did a girls dance makeup for small donations, I supplied everything for free unless they wanted to donate to my business.
My brand perseverance is not solely driven by business success but by the positive impact we aim to have on individuals and the community. Beyond the beauty transformations, my makeup services instill confidence, promoting self-love and empowerment. I actively engage with local charities, offering complimentary services to women facing challenges, fostering a sense of community support.
Deesh Bae Glam Artistry is more than a makeup brand; it is a catalyst for positive change. I believe that by adapting to economic challenges with creativity and resilience, we can continue to impact individuals and communities, spreading empowerment and beauty in the most challenging of times.
Deesh Bae Glam Artisrty