Valor Chiropractic Wellness - NY

I am a Chiropractor practicing since 2007 and have been an owner of Valor Chiropractic Wellness since 2015. Chiropractic is my life and I will continue to push because health plays a major part of my life.

Our business, Valor Chiropractic Wellness, has demonstrated perseverance, creativity, and passion in adjusting to the current economy. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and rising inflation, we remain committed to providing chiropractic services that positively impact our patients and the community.

To adapt to the current economic conditions, we have taken proactive steps to secure alternative funding sources, such as obtaining an SBA loan, to ensure the financial sustainability of our practice. Additionally, we have implemented cost-saving measures to mitigate the effects of increasing supply costs and low insurance reimbursements.

Our unwavering dedication to patient care and our passion for promoting optimal health through chiropractic adjustments have enabled us to persevere during these challenging times. We constantly explore innovative solutions to navigate economic adversity while ensuring that our services remain accessible and affordable for our patients.

The impact of our chiropractic services goes beyond pain reduction. By addressing alignment issues and improving physical functionality, we aim to enhance the overall well-being of our patients. We also actively engage with the community by offering educational resources and screenings to promote long-term health and wellness. We have implemented many projects for 2024 to continue providing our services in the community.

In conclusion, Valor Chiropractic Wellness remains steadfast in its commitment to overcoming economic challenges and providing impactful chiropractic services to our community. We appreciate your consideration and support as we continue to navigate these uncertain times.
Valor Chiropractic Wellness