Newberry Filmwerks, LLC - SC

As a business owned by veterans, we excel in navigating challenging environments with our "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome" approach, prioritizing resourcefulness and flexibility. By minimizing expenses and undertaking numerous pro bono projects, we emphasize community impact over financial gain. Giving back is integral to our company's ethos, driving our success and fostering community support.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that everyone deserves the chance to shine. By offering our expertise at reduced rates, we empower small businesses to elevate their presence and compete effectively. One standout example of our impact is our collaboration with a local movie house, where our work has revitalized the venue into a sought-after destination for adults seeking a memorable "date night" experience. This transformation not only enriches community entertainment options but also injects vitality into the local economy.

Beyond Newberry, our vision extends to nurturing the burgeoning media landscape in South Carolina. We actively support and mentor local talent, fostering a pipeline of creative professionals who contribute to the state's economic growth. By providing avenues for youth to explore and develop their skills, we not only offer viable career paths but also cultivate a robust creative industry that enriches our collective cultural tapestry.

Despite facing personal financial challenges, we are actively laying the groundwork for several ambitious projects. These initiatives encompass a diverse range of creative endeavors, each poised to leave a unique imprint on our community:

1. "96 Crimes A'Rose": This upcoming music video promises to captivate audiences with a positive message about sexual assault.

2. "The Cruelest Assassin": As part of our commitment to fostering local talent, we're spearheading the production of a trailer for a homegrown web series. By spotlighting the ingenuity and creativity of our community, we hope to garner widespread interest and support for this exciting project.

3. "Newberry by Air": With this captivating video series, we endeavor to showcase the charming town of Newberry from a breathtaking aerial perspective.

4. "Carolina by Air": Building upon the success of our Newberry project, we're expanding our aerial exploration to encompass the entire state of South Carolina. This ambitious endeavor will celebrate the rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures that define South Carolina, offering viewers a mesmerizing journey from coast to mountains.

5. "Your Home by Air": By leveraging the unique vantage point of our drones, we aim to capture the essence and beauty of homes and establishments from a fresh and exhilarating perspective.

6. "The Loser's Club": This upcoming Christian Thriller promises to intrigue and inspire audiences with its gripping narrative and profound themes of faith and redemption.

7. Drone Photography Contract Service: In addition to our creative pursuits, we're proud to offer specialized drone photography services to local governments, fire and rescue teams, real estate agencies, surveying firms, inspectors, and post-storm damage assessors.

Despite the financial hurdles we face, our unwavering passion and determination drive us forward, propelling us to bring these visionary projects to life and make a meaningful impact on our community and beyond.
Newberry Filmwerks, LLC