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The scenario of a partner attempting to steal their husband's attention during a televised sporting event has been depicted in countless forms of entertainment. I provided for my family as a freelancing muralist and airbrush artist in South Jersey for over 25 years, until I lost the world I knew. Like a sitcom, one day my wife decided not to wait for the game to end to tackle a family errand. She departed for the task and never returned due to a fatal car crash. That day I lost my wife, my ability to be the father our kids deserved, and the peace of mind needed to provide for my family as an artist.

With my mental and financial health in shambles, my in-laws were granted custody of my kids, and I became homeless. Although I felt like I lost my identity, my community ensured I did not lose my reputation as an artist.

After years of inactivity, clients forced me out my sunken place by offering work. With my second chance at life, I established RAIR to ensure my kids had something to cherish for years to come.

RAIR, an acronym for my kids Rafael, Angelina, Isiah and Rafael, is a custom art and streetwear boutique in t Vineland, NJ. Influenced by the heritage, and authentic anecdotes within the Black and Hispanic community, our storefront strives to provide an outlet to express yourself unapologetically. We are retailers of Black and Latin brands such as Brownmill, Bueno-It Means Good, Carrots, and Perelta Project; and provide custom apparel services through airbrushing, screen printing, and embroidery. Our mission at RAIR is to inspire community inclusion by providing a platform for your story through the love of custom art and streetwear.

As a small business, the main challenge we face is securing the capital needed to expand our business. It has been difficult to retrieve approval for a business credit card or loan that can be utilized for resale inventory. Brand restocks and printing orders can really tie up cash until an order is complete. Likewise, another obstacle we face is having a limited retail network. As a new business, it can be difficult to locate the necessary sales reps to secure a contract with major brands in the industry. Securing a footwear account can transform the customer experience, and our team is hungry to provide a brand stock like shops located in major cities.

To further my impact in the community, I host a customization workshop where I teach young artist how to airbrush footwear. The event is free, and all completed footwear is later donated to our inner-city youth who participate in intermural sports. My community involvement has also led to a park renovation, where I will be applying a city themed mural to a local basketball court to inspire youth to remain active. I am thankful for the support I received when I needed it most, and I will continue to bring vibrancy to my city through art and streetwear.
Rair Custom Graphics