Simply Stage It - TN

“You’re fired!” These two words sent me into a panic! They propelled me to make a huge leap of faith by taking what was a side hustle and turn it into the successful home staging business that is now-Simply Stage It !
The “fengshoo-ey”, as my husband called it, or practice of“Feng-shui” helped me to set up homes in such a way I maximized space with less clutter. In 2004 when “Staging” a home wasn’t a thing yet I was being asked to bring in accent pieces for homes. At first it was add a mirror then it was add a living room and spiraled into bringing a home full of furniture!
Simply Stage It took off when flipping homes became a thing. We were staging on average 25 homes a month and growing! Things were flipping so quickly and we were so grateful for the success. The leap of faith had paid off. God opened so many doors for us.
Fast forward 20 years, and we now operate in Massachussetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Tennessee.
This year, however, we took a huge hit. Our warehouse in Winchester, MA got hit twice by flash floods. Both times the water was about 2 feet deep. We lost thousands of dollars worth of artwork, bedding, tables, lamps, rugs, sectionals, couches etc. and of course insurance only covers so much. A week after the floods we got a call from the realtor in Nashville informing us that somehow, someone had broken into the home and had stolen thousands of dollars worth of newly purchased items from the home we had staged. The police couldn’t do anything because there were no cameras.
Despite these small hiccups, we remain focused and more determined to flourish. We replaced some items that were lost or damaged and continue to keep the faith that we'll
Bounce back from this!
If we were to win, what would we do? First, we would be able to replace stuff lost. We lost about $70,000 worth of stuff between the floods and theft. We would also connect with our church Foster Family Ministry. We would give back by designing rooms for the foster kids as well as spaces for the families willing to take in foster kids. It’s amazing how fresh bedding, pillows, a painted room, side tables or lamps can make someone feel both wanted and welcomed. Blessing families with a fresh and new place for them all to hang out and have fun would be wonderful! We'd be helping many who have nothing.
Never in a million years did I think that getting fired would open so many doors! Simply Stage It has provided for my family and others. It’s enabled thousands of homes to sell quickly and at top dollar, and with it we continue to be able to bless others by giving back. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Simply Stage It