SportsFit Physical Therapy, LLC - MA

I have been a physical therapist for 15 years and I felt stuck working in regular physical therapy clinics because I couldn't fully help my patients get better with the constraints insurance put on us. In 2019 I opened my own PT clinic so I can help people get out of pain and back to the activities they love without their care being dictated by someone else. This was a risk but I really wanted to help others who were hurting.

I was less than a year into business when the pandemic hit, causing me to close my business for months in 2020. Luckily by the end of the year my business started picking back up again. Last year, when the economy started turning, I slowed down quite a bit and was nervous I was going to close. Then at the end of 2023 I found out the gym I am located inside of was closing and I had 4 weeks to find a new home for my business. I have moved about a mile away from my old location now, so a bigger gym, which has been great, but my rent doubled at this new spot, which has been tough.

I would love to continue to help the community heal from injuries and stay active, but financially this year will be tougher with the increased rent costs and since it is only me working I can't just add more hours of patient care into my week. I am trying to find an employee to hire to help me out, but again, this costs more money at first until I can market her and get patients on her schedule.

This money would help me continue to stay in business, hire an employee to help treat more patients, and allow me to continue to serve the Beverly/North Shore community who has injuries and pain.
SportsFit Physical Therapy, LLC