Sweeps Winner

Miracle Man Movers - WA

Raised by a mom who was in the first high school class of desegregation in Mississippi, and a grandmother who worked in cotton fields to feed her children and escape the depression of the south. I took that inspiration, and started Miracle Man Movers who's mission, is to give back by helping local families in need (Every month we help a lot of families). We are a love based company that truly cares about our local communities. Our vision is to help families smoothly transition into the next chapter of their lives by providing world class moving services, and to be the best nationally franchised moving company in United States. We have not been given the opportunity to have an investment of this magnitude and would greatly appreciate the opportunity. This grant would help us with expansion, and provide the capital to allow us to get the equipment, and staff to help us grow. The way we are adjusting to the current economy; with inflation, the implementations of automation, and artificial intelligence, the moving industry still needs physical laborers, so we are helping create more employment opportunities in our communities. One thing we are working on is building an eco system around moving services. We have identified that many times when someone moves, they also may need cleaning services, junk removal, and/or self storage. So, with this investment it will also allow us to expand our services, and provide our customers with the solutions they will need when moving. By doing so, it will help us to generate more revenue, grow the business, and allow us to employ and help more people in our local communities. At Miracle Man Movers, in addition to the eco system we are developing to roll out, we also have our core values that help set us apart from other companies. We call it R.E.A.L.I.R, R- Relationships - Building lasting relationships both internally and externally, E- Enjoyment - Actually creating a work environment that people can enjoy and feel good about the mission they exercise everyday, A- Accountability - Holding ourselves accountable for our actions and being accountable for our responsibility to impact our local communities, L- Love - Operating from a place of Love, which we think is the most important thing in this world, I- Integrity - Making sure we are doing the right thing even if no one is watching, R - Resourcefulness - Being willing to admit if we don't have a solution or an answer, and doing our best to find a solution or an answer through using the resources available to us. With that said, this is a resource available to us that would greatly help our company, and benefit our local community greatly. I hope you all will grant us, pun intended, the opportunity to be the recipient of Barclays Big Win for Small Business so we can MOVE people forward and help spread the love in our local communities.
Miracle Man Movers