Gonzalez anesthesia Services LLC - FL

Gonzalez anesthesia services was born from the need to franchise myself to my community and to become more independent and grow both as a health professional and as a person. As a nurse anesthesiologist I provide anesthesia services in various settings, ranging from ambulatory surgical centers, clinics, hospitals, dental offices among others. Every day my goal is to be an advocate for my patients, to provide them with the best and safest anesthesia care possible when undergoing surgical procedures. On a daily I can provide anesthesia for colonoscopies, dental procedures, cataracts, Epidural for laboring mothers, C-sections, or other complex life saving procedures in neurology, urology, vascular or General surgery. I pride myself on being an expert anesthetist, while also being caring and compassionate, and for being there every second every breath and every heart beat.
Being a 1099 small business owner has allowed me to expand, and work in different job sites, versus working as a W2 employee, while My business is small, only 2 employees, it has not limited the positive impact we have created on those that our services have reached. Surgery is a very stressful time, and having a caring, and compassionate anesthesia provider can have such a positive outcome on a patient who is undergoing a surgical procedure. I myself have been in situations where I feel so much more relax and trusting, knowing that my anesthesia provider cares for me, and that is the same feeling I like to transmit to my patients.
My small business, has reached the lives of many, and created many positive and healthy outcomes, My goal is to continue to be a caring, professional and an expert anesthetist, and continue to be a patient advocate .
Gonzalez anesthesia Services LLC