Joanna stylo - FL

Beauty industry always have a plus. There is always customers for every salon. Yes there is a lot of competition but you have to be your own competition and motivate your self. And focus to be a better owner and coworker. And treat good everyone.
Keeping the business running is to have great costumer services, give the best services and prices. I have been working for more then 18 years. Social media has been a great support to keep teaching the clients about there hair, how to keep it healthy. Love your jobs and clients will keep you to have a great business, have the best products and retail help the business. Keep up with the trends and learn the news stuff from the beauty industry. Me as a owner is to keep going everyday and have the patience to continue your business no matter what type of business your have. Don't give up, it will be success. I own a beauty salon over 6 year here in Florida, and have been a great experience with diferent culture. But there is only one thing. Be a great person the will keep up the business. No Metter how many salon are next to me. I'm.a professional Master hairstylist. Give the opportunity to othe can grow with there business. I hope with strong motivate other with there business. Work with your team and motivate them to be successful all the team. I just move from one city to onther city. Is like I'm starting with a new business into I get knew with custome. I'll keep up to continue with my beauty salon.
Joanna stylo