Sweet Milk Creek Road Productions - FL

I founded Sweet Milk Creek Road Productions in 2016 as a part time vehicle for my performance career and was thrilled to expand to full time in 2023. SMCRP's mission is to utilize storytelling to bring neighboring communities closer together, highlighting and celebrating our similarities and common bonds. Most notably, SMCRP produces Bubby’s Kitchen, a one-act, one-woman musical which tells the story of one young woman’s struggle to live up to her grandparents’ legacy as Holocaust survivors and resistance fighters.
The challenges facing any small business in the entertainment industry are enormous, but now they include overcoming the rising tides of antisemitism in our backyards and worldwide, as well as fighting the vitriol and misinformation that abounds in social media networks. Now more than ever, in this increasingly violent and charged global landscape, we need to find tangible ways to connect with those we perceive to be different than us, creating bridges to meet hatred and ignorance with education and compassion.
Bubby's Kitchen is more poignant, purposeful, and crucial in this moment than ever. By exploring the specific world of one woman’s legacy of survival against all odds, we can confront universal themes and questions of overcoming adversity, cultural identity, and good triumphing over evil. SMCRP productions enable us to come together in community, sharing our stories of bravery, strength, and defiance against darkness and hate.
Since 2016 SMCRP has brought Bubby’s Kitchen to audiences in more than 40 communities across the country including most recently at UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, the Westhampton Performing Arts Center, the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC, the Kirkland Performing Arts Center of Seattle, WA and the Holocaust Resource Center in Buffalo, NY. At the end of each show, we have a Q&A where we share educational resources and tools and welcome audience questions ranging from factual to emotional. In these sessions, people are frequently moved to share their own family stories. That spontaneous desire to share one’s personal history and legacy is our most prized metric of success.
The economics of producing live theatre are increasingly challenging. During covid, the industry grinded to a halt, and fortunately we were able to dexterously shift to some online performances and workshops. Now that the demand for live theatre is back, rebuilding and expanding networks, financing Bubby’s Kitchen, and the further development of new works that meet our criteria are our top three priorities.
The Barclays Small Business Big Wins prize would enable us to take SMCRP to the next level by advancing our marketing and booking strategies, bringing crucial messages of love and hope, of struggle and survival, and of triumph of good over evil to more communities and audiences around the country. Sweet Milk Creek Road Productions tells stories that must be told every day, but especially now, especially today. Our shows will make you laugh and cry in one breath, and I know we all need a little bit of both right now.
Sweet Milk Creek Road Productions