Vertical Interval - CA

The biggest change in our business model is producing content utilizing the cloud for media management , live production and crew locations. Having been a traditional broadcast company providing services on location , Covid forced our company to change its workflow since in person was not an option. Having crew and equipment in different locations either domestically or internationally helped grow our company , not in just resources but in day to day operation. Being able to still employee people and maintaining a steady business operation took time, energy and thinking differently regarding how we run our operations.
Having been in the entertainment industry over four decades , telling unique and thoughtful stories has been our goal as a company since day1. Using technology as it continues to grow , mentoring up and coming talent while keeping a company growing and expanding had its risks and rewards. Our company philosophy has been to provide our clients with quality production services while keeping the budget responsible.
Vertical Interval having produced sports , entertainment, corporate and esports events for over four decades continues to educate , entertain and assist the community with interesting and compelling content through talented professional individuals along with technology that’s seamless and familiar.
JetBlue has helped our company through its travel programs and airline partners to get our equipment and personal to their destinations without issues or delays. They have been a great corporate partner with their business CC offering goods and services that help our company grow and expand.
Vertical Interval