Sweeps Winner

CS Dispatch Group LLC - GA

I moved to Atlanta in 2021 and I was in a very bad time in my life starting over alone in a new city. I’m a customer service specialist and driver and I tried to get my CDL but I could not scale through my D.O.T. physical due to High Blood pressure. I love the transportation industry and also, I have a passion for helping others. This motivated me to venture into truck dispatching to get into the transportation industry, work for myself, and build my career. I provide dispatch services for flatbed, regular trailers, and hotshot trucks.
Due to the economy, my business is currently at a stand still as we have just one client. I have had a decrease in business due to the season and in response, I reduced my rates to attract more clients. This has not had the desired effect and I am hoping for increased patronage in the coming warm season to boost my business.
I have persevered by continuing to keep my business in good standings even with 1 to 3 clients. I work a full time job from which I channel resources to keep the business running, including my website which I use for taking bookings. This has been challenging but I built the business to make an impact and leave a legacy while also providing employment to others as we grow. This has made me strive to keep the business open and keep the hope alive.
I make an impact on the transportation industry by ensuring goods get from one place to another safely without a trucker having to do more than just drive. I handle all the other aspects that could serve as distractions to the driver and this ensures he can focus squarely on driving, From the paperwork to being available to call road side assistance, my goal is to keep the trucker and goods safe and facilitate their arrival at the next location. My services are important because truck drivers handling all the planning and activities that constitute a safe trip is dangerous for their concentration and safety. This can lead to tiredness which endanger those around when the driver is at the wheels.
With my business, I want to open doors for young people to have an a business opportunity by employing some of them and also providing training and mentorship. I want to help them know how to build a business and a get a life for themselves. If I am awarded this grants, the funds will go into my business fully with greater marketing efforts to attract multiple clients and generate a stable income. I will also use part of the funding to cover operational costs for the business such as rent, utilities, and cost of office supplies. Ultimately, the grant will enable me help others in my community.
CS Dispatch Group LLC