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Charlotte Acu Bodywork - NC

We are Yadi and Joi of Charlotte Acu Bodywork for the last 11 years. We offer a unique blend of Eastern and Western massage and bodywork, exercise and invented a new non-invasive form of acupuncture (no-needle). We offer health education, help with pain and stress, and help people recover from the symptoms of long term disease. Stress is now linked to almost every disease. We like to be ahead of it to keep our clients happy and healthy.

After working as a phlebotomist, Yadi got very ill in late 1999. It took dozens of physicians and specialists before he tried anything outside of medication. A 7th generation doctor of Chinese Medicine saved my life, and to show my gratitude I became his working apprentice for 7 years. I was only trying to avoid getting sick again but soon discovered my talent for helping people deal with health challenges. I learned acupuncture, but couldn’t afford to go to school for it. So, for the last 16 years, I have been creating a way to give people great pain and stress relief from acupuncture but without using needles. In 2020, an inventor gave me a tool that helps me simulate acupuncture perfectly. We went from doing massage, cupping, and a few other classic techniques to eliminating our clients long term pain in just a session or two.

Not only do our clients refer their families, but we’ve also discovered a way to make acupuncture safe for people who have HIV or some other blood borne virus. It’s the spirit of helping others because someone helped me.

The World has changed drastically since 2020 and our customers want faster results. With the rising cost of everything, people are looking to get more bang for their buck. There’s more traffic but stress and pressure have increased the strain on families and has made our clinic a necessity for many people. A lot of people who used to go to massage or acupuncture are budgeting things out and it makes serving them even more important to the health of our business as well.

When Joi met Yadi, she was 37 years old and occasionally walked with a cane. She was introduced to the techniques and exercises that Yadi had studied for the past 15 years (at that time), and without the use of drugs, she was able to stop using the cane and gain all of her mobility. She was then able to use her improved health to join the business and increase the number of clients that Yadi sees every week.

11 years ago, there were more start up businesses in the wellness community than there are now. Many of them are closed. Because we have managed to stay open, a lot of people see our clinic as a resource for wellness in the Carolinas. We serve over 800 customers that we have gained just by word of mouth.

Instead of closing, we are so fortunate to be able to innovate and help others!
Charlotte Acu Bodywork