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Chemical X - NY

March 2020 the start of the pandemic everything was shut down NYC was a Covid-19 hotspot. My son celebrated his 1st birthday on april 9th 2020 Peak Covid. With the Quarantine although lonely it gave me an exuberant amount of time to think and research. In 2019 I had attempted to start A business but unfortunately made some poor decisions and was scammed for almost 600$. With the stimulus check given during the pandemic I decided to take another chance on starting My clothing brand. We had our first successful photoshoot in June 2020. Inspired by the chemical concoction that gave the powderpuff girls their superpowers Chemical X was the perfect name for the brand. With a $1200 dream Chemical X was launched July 17th 2020. My name is Eshé Bethel a black woman
founder of Chemical X . Growing up as a minority in the Bronx, I find that many of my peers often feel obligated to keep up with the latest fashion trends, even at the expense of breaking their own pocket. As simple as it may sound, it has always been of extreme importance in the BIPOC community to maintain a proud image to the public. Even when people are living in or near poverty, it somehow is always an obligation to remain up to date with the latest and most expensive trends. This is what has fueled my dream of starting my own clothing brand. Chemical X ‘s mission is to empower people from all walks of life and to make everyone feel empowered in our apparel. Our clothing is curated to accommodate all sizes, shapes, genders and colors, we pride ourselves in offering a luxury feel and aesthetic at affordable prices. We value individualism and creativity and hope to create a lane for individuals to express themselves. We aspire to be more than just a clothing brand but a brand that is dedicated to our mission of empowerment, individuality, and creativity. With the use of our Influencers and Brand Ambassadors around the world who support us at little to no cost we have been able to keep afloat in this current economy. Chemical X has provided opportunities for aspiring models, content creators and influencers throughout New York City. We frequently donate to high schools for the kids to rock free chemical X gear. Everyday we receive feedback from our XBabes across the nation on how amazing our apparel is. We only hope through this submission and collaboration with Barclays we can show the world Who Chemical X is.
Chemical X