Stephanie Nickolson Design, Inc. - IL

I own a small boutique, residential and commercial interior design firm based in a northern suburb of Chicago. This is my 38th year in business. I’ve had highs and lows including during the pandemic when I did many zoom meetings with clients. It was equally difficult sharing my laptop with my son with special needs and trying to schedule my meetings around his zoom classes. For 35 years my son lived with me and he just moved out a year and a half ago so now for the first time I’m able to work full-time and promote my business. I make projects fun and exciting for my clients and have built up my reputation for some nice referrals . My business is not always so glamorous. Shipping costs are very high. There are many product delays and quality control and customer service have been difficult to deal with. I love what I do but it is a balancing act. It’s very competitive in Chicago. I have to constantly do marketing and promotion as well as network in various circles. Also, a lot of people are skeptical of interior designers, and they felt it’s a luxury. I have to explain to them how I can save them time money and aggravation by selecting the right products that are functional, durable and clean, well, especially if they have pets and young children. (There are many messy adults too!) When working with a couple I kind of have to mediate between balancing both of their taste, and try to come up with a compromise. We both will feel comfortable in the home.

I’m in between projects right now and my cash flow is very poor, so could really really use a big win! Thank you for your consideration.
Stephanie Nickolson Design, Inc.