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Howell Extracts, LLC - TX

Howell Extracts, LLC is a Dallas, Texas family-operated business crafting premium-quality, pure vanilla extracts, pure vanilla sugar, and pure vanilla finishing salt. No artificial colorings, flavorings or additives are used in our products. Our vanilla is all natural, gluten-free, and is handmade in small batches using organic, non-GMO, grade ‘A’ gourmet black, whole-bean vanilla. All of our extracts are aged and finished using medium-toasted, American White Oak obtained from California’s Napa Valley region. Our extracts are hand-bottled, contain a vanilla bean and vanilla caviar.

We love vanilla – and to us, most store-bought vanilla extracts were familiar, convenient and seemed plain. Flavor differences among and within commercial brands quite often led to ordinary or inconsistent results, leaving us confused on which vanilla we ought to use . . . we believed it was time for a bit of better vanilla.

Howell Extracts cut its teeth making pure vanilla extracts mid-year 2021. Our traditional, maceration and cold extraction process followed by aging takes months to complete and results in stunningly complex and rich-tasting vanilla extract. The lengthy time for extraction helped us develop a forward looking, walking-inventory operation where new extractions began as earlier extractions are completed. Our first extracts took nearly a year to produce as CAPEX continually grew. Today, Howell Extracts offers a suite of single- and double-fold vanilla extracts, single-origin (single family farm) vanilla extracts, vanilla sugar and vanilla finishing salt.

Traditional, good-business practices provide us with critical space to manage costs, time to operate, and effectively compete. Redundancy and transparency is crucial and provides options for us to strive in a challenging economy. We invest time developing strong relationships with suppliers - we are on a first name ‘call at any time’ basis – they know who we are and we them. Howell Extracts is strategically positioned one step away from farmers growing and curing the vanilla allowing for a fair wage and us access to the highest-quality beans at the best possible prices in a complex, yet visible, landscape of growers, exporters/importers, and ever-present regulators. We avoid online, dark-supply chains and the inherent problems they present. These are not easy tasks.

I’ve not seen a book titled, “The Joy of Operating” – and yet, we might just be the group to write it.

Our no-corners-cut efforts provide folks with the best possible vanilla we can make. Product quality, word-of-mouth, and positive feedback on how good their recipes are turning out, helps fuel our growth.

We fill a niche helping clients do what they do well even better. Bakers seek out our products for use in they are proud to make. People look for us online. We are sought by marketplaces throughout Texas. Demand for our vanilla is increasing with the public’s growing hunger for locally produced, artisanal foods. We see children discover our vanilla; and, we have seen family generational recipes changed.

Finally, we provide vanilla to a memory care facility helping caregivers enrich the elderly residents’ quality of life.

We are appreciative for your consideration.
Howell Extracts, LLC