Westside Investment Management - HI

Aloha, we are a 4-person team of Financial Advisors that came together 10 years ago, and set up shop in Wailuku, Maui.
Each one of us has a different background (1 from Maui, 1 from Oahu, 1 from Tahiti, one from the Mainland), and we are all proud of our heritage and how we complement each other to grow our Business.
If you ask each one of us what we do, we would all say "we are in the business of helping people reach their goals and realize their dreams". Our clients are friends, family, neighbors, small business owners, etc...they work in all major industries represented on Maui (Real Estate, Tourism, Healthcare, Agriculture, etc...). We have been blessed to build relationships with our clients over the years, and they trust us by referring us their friends, family, co-workers.
This pat year was particularly difficult for our clients, as many of them (over 20 households) lost their homes and businesses in the Lahaina fires; and so our role became even more prevalent to help them navigate the emotional toll the tragedy took on their lives, but also all financial aspects that resulted from it. We've helped many of them with their loan applications, adjust their Retirement Plans, relocation, donations, volunteering at various locations, etc...
We are proud to have our office here in Maui, and hope we can keep helping many people here over the next few years as we keep growing our relationships.
I think one of the things we are very proud of is that we have helped educate our clients about Finance and how they can tackle this sometimes scary aspect of their Life in a way that is more fun and less stressful as we take on many of those duties for them. I personally enjoy teaching some of those principles to kids like I did last month when I attended my daughter's school parents career day, and was able to share fun facts and stories with the kids.
Maui no ka oi!
Westside Investment Management