Haven Chiropractic Care, PC - IL

Haven Chiropractic Care started as a dream I wasn’t quite sure would ever come to light. I had envisioned a place for individuals and families to come and feel safe (see Haven as our name choice) to show up with all their struggles and energy, so they could experience the hands on care that has been pushed out in exchange for telehealth and in the name of convenience. So, in 2019, I went all in, with the support both emotionally and financially of family to quit my job and open Haven. The closures of 2020 were an enormous obstacle for a service-based business like ours. During this time, we cemented our niche for caring for expectant mothers and children. As much of healthcare shifted into telehealth, families continued to grow and nothing can replace the reassurance that comes from the support, guidance, and personalized care that one receives with direct patient care.

As we have surfed the waves of the pandemic, and now the growing challenges of the current economy as operating expenses rise alongside the cost of living, we have to stay agile in the market. Our practice members are looking for immense value in everything - whether it's grocery shopping for choosing their healthcare providers. As a small business, it means we have to get very creative, as we don’t have a huge pool of employees or a massive marketing department to go viral on social media, be boots on the ground everyday in the community while we serve clients day-to-day. We know that our impact speaks loudest in giving the best care to every single person in our office, but we still need to compete with conveniences that come with an online presence, an evergreen networking presence, and hands on care providers. Despite this, we are hosting free or low-cost events to bring together not just our practice members, but other businesses and community members. It may be hosting CPR certification or pop-up shops to educational workshops and practice member appreciation events. I am working in a group of local businesses seeking to bolster our resources, networks, and strategies to lead in our local community and economy. We are beginning to implement features like online booking and improving our website for ease of use and convenience for our clients. Receiving this award would go a long way to boosting our ability and capacity to continue to serve and grow in the community to serve moms, kids, families and individuals with hands-on, nervous system focused chiropractic care.
Haven Chiropractic Care, PC