Camp Bournedale - MA

Camp Bournedale is a summer camp that is set to embark on its 86th season, providing magical summers for children from all over New England and beyond. We have evolved over the years from being solely an overnight camp for Jewish boys to a coed day camp servicing the greater Plymouth \community. In addition, we have developed a marine science-based education program geared towards 6th grade students, which supplements their learning in the classroom. Surrounding towns have been sending their students for overnight field trips during the school year for more than thirty years. Most recently, the pandemic had a devastating impact on our nation, our businesses, our families and most importantly our children. The months of school missed had a profound impact on the learning and social emotional well-being of all students. Prior to the pandemic, the focus for children and students coming to camp was to learn a skill or connect their experience to their curriculum. Increasingly, teachers, parents and guardians are now looking for experiences that promote socialization and play. Children, now more than ever, need these vital social opportunities to allow them to mature and gain confidence in a changing world. Camp Bournedale has adapted to these changing needs and we now focus on emotional maturity, self-confidence and independence for all children that we serve. The pandemic forced us to close for eighteen months, and we had to quite literally start all over again recruiting campers and schools. We are so very proud of our achievements over the last two years and we feel honored and blessed that we are able to provide a rewarding service to our local children.
Another part of our business is hosting weddings on weekends. Currently, we book around forty weddings per year and our facility is all inclusive. Guests are able to stay overnight in our cabins and houses and have exclusive use of the facility during their special day. Our package is unique in that all facets of the wedding are done on-site, from the ceremony, the reception to the after party. Overnight accommodations and breakfast the following morning are included. This provides groups with a low stress and safe event that extends the celebration.
Bournedale also now hosts many retreats catering to religious, college and private groups. We offer weekend retreats with overnight accommodations and exclusive use of our facility. Meals and food service are tailored to the needs of every group and prepared on-site by our talented chef and staff. While many of these groups have their own agenda, they utilize classes and equipment at Bournedale which promote team building and cooperative learning.
Our business has evolved from solely being an overnight summer camp to coed day camp, an outdoor education facility, a function facility and a retreat center. We are very proud of what Camp Bournedale has become and are looking forward to the future and our role in helping our younger generation.
Camp Bournedale