md matin bhuyan - CA

Im a Uber driver.i know im not going to get this though i need it indeed.i would say we are just dying .you gas pprices increasing day by day but not Income !look at the food prices just unbelievable .We normally used to earn 200 to 250 dollars everyEveryday .Nowadays we cannt even earn 150 a day .Afer all expenses how could we servive!we have family so there’s lot of expenses .Car repairing also a big burden for us .I used to work a company as delivery driver i left that job five years ago .i think it was biggest mistake in my life.i think i need to rethink about job to move forward .We cannt do too much about job because iam already 44 plus and don’t have Enough money to start new business !still i have to keep trying on . im not a native american .I haven’t educated in american .I know i have to struggle every day.iIm hoping my son will be graduated to College and he will help me one day .My daughter also in class seven .She always tells me sh is going to help me when she will grown up .normally i work 9 hours every day but sometimes i do more that on sunday and Saturday .there’s lots of sorrow in my but still i happy with my families .My mom lives with me .she takes care of me and my family .My elder brother and two sister also live in here usa.thanks
md matin bhuyan