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Mane Moves Media, Inc. - NY

I am Natasha Gaspard, founder of Mane Moves Media, Inc. which began as a passion project and has turned into my full time career! My experience in television production and in covering the natural hair movement of the early 2000's has given me a unique perspective into what resonated with Black women when it comes to our beauty. As a long time advocate in this movement, my goal has always been to change the narrative around natural hair and to elevate the conversation to address Black women's physical, mental and emotional health.

When the pandemic hit, we saw a surge of Black women embarking on their natural hair journeys, however due to the lack of salon access, many of them were lost. This highlighted the crucial need for education and guidance from natural hair care from professionals within the community. Mane Moves Media was created to fill the void of lack of credible information and understanding of natural hair textures. What's even more important for me was to create a safe space where Black women could restore the natural connection between Beauty and Wellness.

In 2020, we launched Mane Moves LIVE!, our news magazine live talk show series! While we always celebrate the beauty of natural hair our goal is to address and provide critical analysis of issues like natural hair discrimination and the current hair loss epidemic. We position ourselves in the space by providing meaningful conversations where we highlight the intersections between natural hair, culture, politics, race and identity.

Mane Moves Media, is more than just a business- it's a movement. We are dedicated to celebrating natural hair, promoting self love and empowering the community to embrace their authentic selves. My journey as a small business owner in this space has been challenging due to society's narrow views of beauty as something frivolous and non-important. I continue to push forward because I deeply understand the connection between Black women's beauty and our health. My dedication to bringing this network to life will change the narrative for generations of Black women to come and I'm super excited and proud to continue following my dream!
Mane Moves Media, Inc.