A unique team of four friends, having contrasting backgrounds, but similar passions for arts (fine art; music), science and nature, altogether, established the legitimacy of our company, AXZ, LLC during the Presidency of former president Obama. Our company has been through several ups and downs since our start, especially not having any funding or the knowledge to get funding, other than the funds from out of our own pockets based on freelance and gig work. We were eager to get our ideas into fruition.
We spent years doing our due diligence after starting up as an organic production company, and trying to build the brand for it. We acquired a vendor’s license to sell dried goods and teas. Then, after we designed and launched our websites and e-commerce store, we realized that our goal to become a brick and mortar brand, may had to be pursued in another generation or lifetime at the moment, while we saw it more feasible to focus on growing our company via the internet.
Few of our main suppliers, (supplying organic teas and copper metal for jewelry crafting) that we have been working with, are located in the U.S. Virgin Islands. One of our team members will occasionally make the journey to negotiate and do transactions; One of these journeys was during Hurricane Maria in which he survived, while helping the islands in their recovery. Another journey was at the end of 2019, where our CEO was in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Island, when the COVID pandemic lockdown occurred. The mission was planned for 2 months with accommodation, but our CEO was stranded for 4 months on a beach, because our initial housing accommodation closed their services. Since his return, two members resigned from their positions, plus three interns left without say. The two remaining members, by our faith, still managed to be resilient, as a dandelion herbal plant is resilient to harsh conditions, which only makes us stronger and more knowledgeable, we still design and put out great ambiance in our services and products. We, sell custom packages of organic teas (whole leaf or crushed; dandelion, lemongrass, clovers), paired with hemp and copper-based jewelry, with a free gift added (t-shirt with custom art; music album; ebook).
Our services range from, consulting as a life coach for several elderly couples and young individual clients (helping people to be more conscious in their everyday life for better decision-making) to; music productions and design (audio recording, engineering, music composition), capturing the talents, presently, of our world citizens. We have helped thousands of people find their own creativity of efficiency that can be contributed collectively for a better today and tomorrow. We have learnt a lot, and aim on sharing and providing value through good products and unique services that will always benefit one and all.
AXZ, LLC can be seen as an acronym, which stands for Achieving eXtreme Zen (or, Achievement X Zeal). We are forever grateful for Life.