First of all I want to say thank you for even offering this opportunity for us small businesses. I know I can speak on behalf of all of us we are thankful.

I feel that I have adjusted with the current economy in a creative way. My business is a mural/ experiential business where I offer brands a unique opportunity to tell their stories through murals and activations. My passion has always been community building and with my business I strive to create those opportunities to my clientele. Using Culture, Art and music to entice community building.

Giving the client and communities they serve a unique way of having ownership and belonging to each other's perspective spaces. Fusing cultures and communities together through the arts. As an artist and muralist my goal is to tell stories of standing community and its integration with client I may be working with. Giving each of them an understanding and perspective of each other.

The impact that I’ve seen through public art and public experiential activations are priceless and for that I believe that companies can gain a ton in working with my company. Using us as a platform to gain more exposure, knowledge and support from the local communities. Let’s not forget the impact that it leaves in the staff of the companies the ability to give back through art and culture is truly something worth celebrating and be excited about.

I’ll end with this, I believe finding creative ways to connect with people is my business biggest priority. Understanding our clients needs and wants and using that to create a campaign that amplifies their reach.

Thank you,

Christian A. Rodriguez